Car insurance doesn't have to be for a whole year

Day car insurance is a well established, popular product, despite the fact that the majority of people in Britain haven't even heard of it! We don't stop to think that there might be times when we need car insurance for a much shorter period, but now there is the option to get short term car insurance. This is an option that not only delivers you a lot of convenience, but can also save you money by making it so that you can insure a vehicle or a person for just the period they need to be insured, rather than for an entire year.

It's available quickly online, and can start as soon as you need it for as long as you want it, up to 28 days or down to just one. You can get whatever level of cover you need, right up to fully comprehensive with breakdown cover included and it's available for drivers between eighteen and seventy-five years of age.

You might have a situation where you've borrowed a car or a short period and need to get it covered, or you might need to insure one of your children for a short period when they've come back from university for a holiday. With short term car insurance, you've got the flexibility to get the cover you need, when you need it, rather than wasting cash on paying all year for something you only need for a short time.

Another advantage of short term car insurance is that it's available for drivers from abroad. You can get cover for EU, as well as British drivers. For someone visiting the UK, this can make it feasible to borrow a friend's car, rather than being forced into hiring one - or having to sit in the passenger seat while the friend they're visiting does all the driving!

There are loads of ways you could use short term car insurance to save some money, and save money by using the flexibility you can't get with most of the big insurance companies. Using it can not only save you money by cutting down the amount of time you need to insure people for, but it can also give you some flexibility in your life, letting you get an old car back on the road for a few days or borrow someone else's larger car when you need to move.

In short, it lets you do what you want now, rather than making you plan everything a year in advance!

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